Monday, July 9, 2012

In the land of milk and honey

After posting about my Daddy issues, I realized that I forgot two of them. I just wanted to write about them quickly, as I would feel remiss if I didn't mention them. One is a white younger man, and the other is my age and black. Both of them make me feel good to be around, but I'm not sure where it will go.

Bear is fresh out of a bad relationship. He craves intimacy without strings attached. He's my hugging partner. He just wants to be held and to cuddle, with some sex thrown in from time to time. I need that. I put on a tough girl persona every morning when I step into my big girl panties. Sometimes I just want to drop that and fold into someone's arms and not be judged because I have tears falling from my eyes, or because I need to be weak for once and not hold the world on my shoulders. I think he could provide that, and I could provide that for him. When Mr. Shy held me before he left, I felt a real longing for another person. I was sure I had closed that part of myself down, but here it came bubbling back up. I felt such a longing for intimacy that I almost started crying in his arms. Hopefully time with Bear will help that.

Dom is very dominating. He can't wait to spend time with his sweet Baby Girl so that he can do all the things that a good Daddy wants to do. Like spank her, tie her down and fuck her until she comes all over his big dick. You know the usual. We just have to work out some time in our schedules as we both stay pretty busy. I think being with him will give me a good sexual release. I crave rough and dominating sex, but sometimes the men I meet are turned off by that. They look at me as damaged goods or disturbed. Dom understands and wants to dominate me as much as I need it.
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